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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  April 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> with me, here are the headlines this hour. just one day left before a deadline imposed by ukraine on pro-russian protesters. the interior minister says they leave the buildings they are occupying peaceably or move out -- or be moved out by force. the u.n. is set to vote on sending in some 12,000 more people -- peacekeepers to the central african republic. the lease say at least 30 people have been killed in the crossfire in new fighting between the christian militia and the muslim fighters.
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phase three of the world's biggest election is underway in india. polling today includes the capital, new delhi, and the key state of andhra pradesh -- of --uttar desh pradesh. also coming up, the masterminds of a son-powered plane, formerly unveiled their new aircraft. the solar impulse has made a trip across the united states without using a drop of fuel. it is set to fly around the world next year. we will get the latest from our correspondent inside the trial of oscare pistorius. it is the second day of cross-examination of the athlete's account on why he shot dead his girlfriend last year.
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first, in eastern ukraine, no clashes were reported there wednesday, but tensions are aill high in the town where russian processors have barricaded what they called their "republic." they are still occupying the government building and hoping for a referendum on joining russia, like the one that eventually annexed crimea. in the meantime, the u.s. and western countries have accused moscow of mapping troops on the ukraine border to maintain also foron kiev but military use. shaun walker, russia today has talked about nato rallying people against this imaginary threat. tell us a bit more about that. >> that's right. it has been yet another chapter in this diplomatic standoff between russia and much of the has taken on some
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aggressive times in recent days. we have russia accusing nato, rallying people around the imaginary threat saying that nato has the -- no are relevant -- no relevance from the postwar world. threat might not seem so imaginary if you are the ukrainian government. from thelso heard secretary general saying that russia needs to stop blaming others for problems it is creating its cells and needs to withdraw its troops from the border. really we have seen a continuation of this quite angry rhetoric from both sides. >> what about russia getting troops ready on the border to pounce, if you will? >> if you go to the border area, you cannot see too much activity. from a lot of
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different sources that satellite images show those troops are there. and also vladimir putin, the president, has confirmed they are there in conversations with world leaders. he said on occasion that he was going to withdraw them, but we believe they are still there. sergey lavrov, the foreign minister, has said on many of thens that it is none west's business what russian troops do inside russian territory, but of course in a situation where crimea has just been annexed, where there is huge unrest in the east of ukraine, which many people -- in a situation where it have these deep divides, can be seen as a prerogative measure and putting huge pressure on the government in iev. >> more ethnic violence has had this central african republic.
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fighting between the christian militia and the minority muslim fighters. the first european troops have arrived there hours before the u.n. is set to vote, sending in some 12,000 more peacekeepers. the vote at the u.n. later today comes after forces from chad began withdrawing from central african republic. that was following reports some of chad's soldiers had killed dozens of unarmed civilians. divided where chaos rules. thecan union troops patrol capital. any piece here is fragile at best. forces are struggling to fill the gap after the withdrawal of 850 soldiers from the mission. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says this underlies the urgency of the task ahead. >> there is no question we have to redouble our effort.
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we are making them every day anyway, but this adds even more of getting more troops rapidly. of ae was speaking ahead crucial u.n. vote to send more peacekeepers to the divided country. the vote would bolster current french and african union efforts deploying almost 12,000 soldiers and police. other small steps have been taken. the 55 men advance guard from the eu peacekeeping mission arrived in bond he on wednesday. helping civilians in need of protection in the muslim population in particular. but there are concerns that ethnic cleansing is already underway. almost 80% of the muslim population has been forced, possibly displaced -- i went there myself last month and saw
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all the houses and the stores and shops totally destroyed. >> the muslim population is estimated to have dropped from 15% to 2%. critics argue that the peacekeeping forces will be too little, too late. >> in south africa, oscar pistorius is on the stand for a fourth day. he is on trial for murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, on valentine's day last year. the olympic and paralympic sprinter has always said he shot her by mistake, thinking she was an intruder. he was cross examined by the state prosecutor this morning just like he was yesterday. he was criticized for not apologizing to the steenkamp family in person and doing it in a court this week with the whole world watching. >> that was a more -- that was more than a year after the event.
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what did you apologize for? sorrowologized for the that i have caused the steenkamp family. formember for apologizing the emptiness they feel. >> you are sorry you have to think of them, you are sorry for their pain and sorrow, but you're not sorry for killing her ? >> i am sorry for that. >> now you are saying that. search on all the websites. "i love you" has been twice. that to herhe wrote mother. never to you, and you never to her. am i right? >> that is correct.
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i never got the opportunity to tell reeva that i loved her. >> oscar pistorius is not seen on camera because he and his lawyers chose for him not to be filmed. he faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of premeditated murder. according to the south african legal system, the decision will solely be handed down by the judge. next photo is underway in delhi for the third wave of the massive vote in india. a parliamentary election there is the biggest in world history. today is one of the most important days in the vote. polling is underway in 14 states including in the capital of new delhi. let's bring in our correspondent in new delhi. we -- how has the voter may going so far today? it is the biggest, so 11 -- in total, they would
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the parliamentary .eats that are available the fight is key in deciding who pradesh, uttar we have experiencing -- an instance of 2000 soldiers that have been killed, but other than this, there seems to be largely peaceful. and 1:00 p.m. today, the election commission released figures to give us a fair idea what the voters' turnout has been. as for now, it is only moderate. in delhi, 24%.
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said, when the polling day ends at 6:00 p.m., we do not know what the turnout will be in a decisive day in the international -- in the national election. states,to the united where in pennsylvania a vigil was held last night for the stabbing victims of the attack at a high school. arrested ind was the town of marysville. he is a sophomore and has been charged with four accounts of homicide and 21 counts of aggravated assault. he allegedly attacked fellow students with two kitchen knives in the crowded hall of a high school before he was tackled and stopped by the assistant principal. wreckage of the missing flight 370 seems to be narrowing down. officials say searchers have heard new underwater pings that
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could be linked to the plane's block boxes. the agency coordinating the search says an australian navy -- the australian navy picked up signals-- picked up the in an area that was searched earlier this week. two car bombs exploded in a government held district of syria's battleground city of homs. at least 21 people have been killed, including women and children. the death toll is expected to rise as some 100 more were hurt seriously. a commercial street inhabited mostly by members of president bashar al-assad's minority sect. increasinglyey are worried about the number of french muslims traveling to serious to fight in the conflict. brought hisd hamza
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18-month-old daughter with him. the girl's mother said her ex-husband kidnapped their child. our colleagues at radio france internationale have managed to hamza by phone for his side of the story. >> assia has not seen her mother in six months. last year she left with her , who plans to join the fight against a side in syria. her mother accuses him of kidnapping. >> i took my daughter with me. that is completely different. in our religion, there is a command called hijra, an obligation for all the slums to not live in a non-muslim
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country. her mother refused to follow it. assia's mother is fighting in the courts but she has heard nothing since january. she says her ex-husband told her that he would rather her daughter die in syria then returned to france. the questions i have to live with every day are what is she drinking, what is she eating? i am living in constant anxiety. >> i would never say that my daughter -- that i would rather my daughter die in syria. i have never said that. >> hamza would only say they are near the turkish border.
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his ex-wife intends to fight on along with the other parents of french children taken to war-torn syria. >> you are watching "france 24." just one day left before the deadline imposed by ukraine on pro-russian protesters. the interior minister says they need to leave public buildings they are occupying peacefully. the u.n. is set to vote today on sending in some 12,000 more peacekeepers to central african republic. at least 30 people have been killed in the crossfire in new fighting between the mainly christian militia and minority muslim fighters. and it is phase three of the world's biggest election in india. polling today includes the capital, new delhi, and the key state of uttar pradesh.
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time to look at what is happening in magazines around the world. let's start with courier international, focusing on the end of campaigning for the election in algeria. >> one of the most surprising election campaigns of the 21st-century. -- aave president as he zid running for a fourth term. it is incredible that he has not made any speeches. media coming out of algeria is quite critical with its ghostlike candidacy. you just saw the cover there, which says, "enough." it is pretty much a foregone conclusion, but a lot of people are surprised by the outrage coming out about algeria. "ourrnalist is quoted, looking at me in the eye
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without any special effects or statements read in his name. if he can explain to me why he is promising to do in five years sitting down what he has not managed do in 15 years standing up when he was younger and in better health." will vote fori him but only if he does not vote for me." rwanda, theide in 25th anniversary of the genocide was marked -- french officials were not even at the ceremony. >> the president was interviewed , an exclusive interview this week. he says that france participated in the genocide. france was implicated in rwanda before and during the genocide, and he says maybe even after. he goes on to say that france and belgium played a damaging role in his country's history and contributed to the emergence
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of this genocidal ideology. once again, he lashes out against france, the justice system, saying it is too slow in genocidal justice. >> we are focusing on the new government. french prime minister. manuel valls. >> "spring cleaning is supposed to signal a new era, a turning point in hollande's presidency." but it is more of the same. change is just a distraction that is masking the fact that there is not that much change. hollande still has not chosen between the economic realities facing the country and pleasing the delirious left, and it is chine -- it is time to choose. easter is around the corner,
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and the press is focusing on something completely different. >> that is right, the unknown life of jesus christ. it wonders, has the story of the messiah told in the bible, the son of god, crucified on the cross -- has all this overshadowed the life of jesus of nazareth and his political struggle. this is not a new theory, so why xpress" talking about it? it is coming out in france. that is why the magazine is talking about that today. it publishes some extracts of the book that has been u.s., whichl in the has been noted. from baby jesus to baby george ofthat is on the front page
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this magazine this morning. >> so "rolling stone" magazine being talkedis about because of its cover. is in herouis dreyfus birthday student -- birthday constitution on her back. if you look at the bottom of the tattoo, you can see the signature john hancock. that is the word people use for a signature, but a lot of people point out that he did not actually sign the constitution, he signed the declaration of independence. so a lot of people are wondering was this done on purpose? " shese in the show "veep, plays kind of a bumbling vice president. so this is the kind of thing she
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would do. the publisher of "rolling stone two came out with a funny response -- "the declaration of independence is on the other side but we could not show that." said, "in my defense, i was actually in a drunken stupor," so -- but it is a fake tattoo. >> thank you. time now for sports. equalize shortly after her 4-2 in- the germans aggregate. also --
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>> after the first half it was difficult. but in the second half we did much better. we are better one-on-one. we reacted well and scored the equalizer before scoring the goal that put us 2-1 in front. the first half was difficult for us, but in the second half we were better. it is important to go through. the pitch we said before we score the goal that -- even on the pitch we said before we had athe goal, great chance to score another goal. first defeate --
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in a year, set the progress. it is going to be a tough game, difficult for my team because we are playing against a very big team and they are playing very well at the moment. our players will give everything they have as usual. that is what i ask of my players. to give everything and have no regrets at the end of the match. we also have to be the germans and have a good attitude. they hope their player can find his scoring touch.
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>> the first leg result allows us to relief. we did not lose 4-0, we only lost 1-0. if we have some chances, we can get a good result. otherjust a game like any one. i know that my job is to score goals. it is a collective effort. i don't feel any pressure in particular. the seven-time french champions have been hit by a number of injury problems, wiping out half their starting lineup. one player is missing with a groin injury. another has an ankle problem. the backstroke on the --
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wednesday, beating to the wall by .13 seconds. two time defending champion was in thehe favorite breaststroke, and he lived up to his billing. a sizable lead over the field, qualifying, he was off his personal best. michael matthews won stage three of the tour of the best country from simon geron's. he was always six minutes ahead with 80 kilometers to go. on the final climb, kenny marchant was doing his best, but it was matthews that would claim
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bag -- that would claim bragging rights. dominating the spread to the finish line. kevin ras oh was second. the same position he holds in the overall standings. concert or is still the outright leadergg99ññwçça7guc ÷w
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